Tons of Books

I love books.  As I sit in my living room and look around this room along, I have over 100 books.

And this isn’t the only place I keep books, although I should.  I have books in my car in case I’m stuck somewhere.  I have books in my bedroom in case I need to revisit something.  One in the bathroom for times I’m in there handling business, if you know what I mean.

What are the themes of my books?  It’s mainly about entrepreneurship and money.  Besides music, two of the most important topics of my life.

Why do I read about these subjects so much?  Well, you know what they say about feeding your mind what you want to think about and if you want to change your thinking.

I desire to think like a millionaire.  Eventually my thinking will turn to action.  I don’t think wanting to be a millionaire is greedy thinking.  I don’t want to keep all of the money to myself.

I enjoy helping people.  I just hate when people try to take advantage of that.  Nevertheless, I still enjoy helping out when I can.  I’ve always wanted to take care of my parent and brother and whoever my significant other will be at that time (hopefully it’s the same person as now).

If I don’t have my personal finances in order now when I don’t have much, how can I expect to budget a million dollars?  It’s impossible and I’ll end up back to square one.

What I am is an entrepreneur.  I create businesses then I flip them.  Flip them?  Yes, I make the profitable.

This is something I enjoy doing and could do forever.  Because it doesn’t feel as though I’m working.

I create music and businesses.  Music is a business for me, in a sense.  Initially, it was a hobby and something I learned in elementary school.  Boy, have times passed!

You just watch what I have up my sleeves now..

Coming Together

We need each other.  No one can survive solo.  Who wants to do that anyway?  It’s so boring!

There’s a new gig I tried out.  Selling cars.  I know, I know.  Not the typical job for a person like me, huh?  Well, someone told me I couldn’t do it.  And you know how much I love when someone tells me I can’t do something.  No matter what it is.

I went to the nearest car dealership, which was Dodge.  The fun thing was test driving the cars.  It was dangerous allowing everyone to drive me around.

This one teenage guy was interested in purchasing a Dodge Charger.  Fine by me.  We collect his information and get ready to drive off.  I asked if he’s familiar with manual shifting.  He said yes, so I didn’t question it.  We barely made it out of the parking lot!  Stalled SO many times!  What was I thinking!  After 15 minutes of stalling, I turned to him and suggested he take a look at our automatic Dodge vehicles.  He was cool with it.  The customer chose the Dodge Ram quad cab.  Great selection, I thought!  It would have been great if he knew how to handle a full sized truck like that!  I saw my life sparkle before my eyes twice on the interstate!

With that experience, I decided that car salesman was NOT the profession for me!!  I’ll continue to visit the different warehouses to test drive them myself.  After all, that’s what old coworkers are for, right? :)


Why Your Appearance Matters

Appearance.  Everyone wants to be unique.  But then again, some people like to copy others.  No mind of their own.  And that’s not a good start to life.

They are Judging

People are looking at you and sizing you up each time you step out of your house.  How can a potential client or fan take you seriously if you’re constantly looking like a bum every day?  That’s not a good start to business.  If you look raggedy coming out of your apartment, chances are they are thinking you’ll treat their services sloppy.  Don’t be a statistic!

Good for Business

It’s important to clean up.  Whether you choose to wear jeans and a polo shirt or a three piece suit, it’s important to freshen up.  Take showers daily!  Brush your teeth.  Shave – or if you don’t want to shave, shape up your facial hair!  Ladies, comb your hair, brush it, do something!  Iron your clothes if need be.  No one wants to interact with a dry looking car salesman.

Fake It Till You Make It

As a businessman (or woman) you won’t know EVERYTHING.  But some business owners look as if they do.  And that’s ok!  It helps you out for the long haul.

Remember, people are judging, good appearance is good for business, and you need to fake it if time calls for that.  Be ready in and out of season!

Inside Out

I like eating healthy.  Would you like to know why?  Because I want my insides cleaned.  I can spruce up with scented soaps all I want, but if my insides aren’t clean then what does it matter?

I’ve seen girls looking so pretty, but smelled like garbage.  Because their colons wreaked of dead carcasses.  True though.  That’s why I drink a lot of vegetable juice and fruit smoothies.  I need to be in top shape for my band during our active season –which is all the time.

I bet you’ve been eating fast food for the majority of your life.  Try healthier options for a change.  Grab an organic apple and carrot.  Eat only non-cooked items for an entire week.  I bet you a milli-on you’ll notice and feel the difference!

I want to challenge you to do this and comment below after you’ve finished.  Then we’ll get back to our music schedule.  We were supposed to do more tours, but those are pending.

Great Lessons from Ants

Ants are little but productive.  They understand how structure works.  But they can tear some stuff up too!

I’m talking about the annoying ant bites you get if you step in an ant pile.  Or sit down where a lot of ants are located.

Itchy ankles and legs.  Ahh.. The redness.  The swelling.

Am I making you itch right now?


But just think about it.  If ants can work together then why can’t we?

Something to ponder on.  I’ll be back for more thoughts for your soul!

Pick and Choose Battles Carefully!

I wanted to branch out a bit to talk about something other than band and music stuff.  It’s going to be a little related to topic, but just a tad bit off.

I want to talk a little about going after your dreams.  Regardless of what some people might think or believe.  Did you know some of the most dream killers are those close to you?  That might mean someone in your immediate family, like a sister or brother.  It’s very disturbing.

Still, keep pushing towards the goals YOU want to see HAPPEN.  Take action.

You’d be surprised if you actually knew how many times someone I thought had my back told me that I couldn’t make it.  That I should just get a regular job like everyone else.  My response was this:  “You mean you want me to be a..robot?”  Speechless.  Let me tell you.  Those days are long gone.  I am still moving to where I want to be.  I still have a lot of improvements and adjustments to make.  But best believe I am MAKING it.

It gets hard.  It gets lonely often.  We shouldn’t act on our emotions.  Yes.  It is better said than done.  Have some faith.  That’s what I keep telling myself and constantly have to remind myself.  Many nights I’ve cried and cried because those negatives talks and comments got the best of me.

Then it hit me.  I had to snap out of it.

What’s more important? What others think or what YOU think?  There’s no time to put off things that can be done today.  There’s no time to waste.  None.  Think about it.

Do you want to spend the rest of your life living someone else’s dream?  Or do you want to build your own empire and destiny?

Nothing’s wrong with having a “regular” full time job.  Not many are cut out for the entrepreneur life.  And that’s understandable.  Because it’s so darn hard and takes a lot of time and effort.  Not many people are willing to put in the time and effort to build their own business.  And that’s cool.  Just make sure you’re doing something you enjoy.  Why waste time at a job and complain every single day about the customers, staff, coworkers, clients, bosses, managers, and whoever else is in the way?

I was a victim of that chaotic life.  Until me and my crew made that leap.  See, it’s not about yourself.  It’s about others too.  This is not an “alone” project.  For some things, it can be.  But for the most, bonds and teams are formed because it’s needed.  You won’t know EVERYTHING.  That’s tiring and depressing to try to be the one wonder man.  Superman gets tired too.

Form teams where each person is unique and needed in their own way.

I hope you take heed to what was discussed in this entry.  This has been something on my mind for quite some time.  It was time to explode and let it out in the open.

Now go to the nearest theme park and have FUN!

Ol Fashioned

We completed the first of our tour in Washington state!  It was a blast!  So many supporters came out and showed us love!

Here’s the thing.  It wasn’t advertised.  We purposely did this.  The only way the supporters and fans heard of the upcoming tour was either by visiting this website or hearing it from a friend or family member.  It worked because there was well over 50 attendees!

Word of mouth.  The old fashioned way of doing business.  Our experience shows that this still works.  Of course, it’s better to post and tweet and Facebook online.  BUT we enjoy doing things the old fashioned way.

It makes me think of the old days.  People did this back then and still were successful.  Forget what you heard!

The key to doing this is to tell people ahead of time.  We started broadcasting this about a few months prior to the tour taking off and starting.  A few of us used those printed out ads.  Those work more in coffee shops and little cute stores.

With the turnout of our show by doing only this, imagine how many people would have gone had we posted on a social media site.

After the show, a few attendees asked about our history and how we came to be as musicians.  Because so many were curious, we decided to stay on the stage an extra 10 minutes or so and give a brief history.

Afterwards, cheers went up like a crowded football game!  The talk of the city, we were!

Once we got to our hotel room, all we did was talk about it ALL NIGHT LONG.  We should have been dog tired from all of the excitement, but that didn’t tire us at all.

When will we be on the road again?  In two weeks! That’s going to take some preps and last minute decision makings to do.  House of Blues, anyone?  Cali-bound!


Always do it BIG

I am struggling right now.  It seems as though the entire US is covered in coldness.  Yes, covered in coldness.  I tried entertaining myself and others with a little bit of the music playing skills I do own, but it was not working.

All we could do is…shiver our tails off.  You haven’t seen cold until you’re up here.  Sometimes I can be as cold as ice.  But no, this temperature beats me!  Seriously…

This is our status: we would like to go on tour to a few cities in Washington state.  But this cold weather is hindering our process.  I often time check the weather channel, but the weather changes around here like i change my underwear.

Whatever. We’ll still try to make it out there.  This is something we all enjoy.  Playing music.  There’s nothing like the sharp sound of a trumpet and bulkiness tuba noise.  Hopefully bulkiness made sense in that sentence. get my drift anyway!

*5 minutes later*

My bad.  I was distracted by Facebook.  You’ll have to excuse me.  I’m always distracted by these different social media sites.  I made it a habit to click off of the pages, but I end up going back to it.  Bear with me.

Back to my potential touring.  We first would like to start by playing at a couple of spots in Seattle.  This will be our opportunity to be seen or at least noticed by someone important.  You know.  Someone that can give us the “hook up”.  I don’t think any of us would mind auditioning or recording a demo tape.  Which reminds me, we should hop on that anyway.

Perhaps a few jazz clubs will allow us to do a short show for 20 to 30 minutes.  Not looking for anything long and drawn out.  Not now anyway…

After hitting Washington, California is the next step.  Hell, it should have been the first choice!  But adventurous, we are!

Until then guys…enjoy your week and stay put for another entry coming your way soon!



Beautiful Days

Every day is a new day of opportunities.  I call this beautiful.  Yep.  Beautiful.  Because each day is, well, new.

Have you ever woke up one morning feeling grumpy because of work?  Uh huh, me too.

You know what I did after that? Sucked it up and went about my day.  The only thing I looked forward to was clocking out of work and running home to play my instrument.

Now that’s what I call beautiful.  The glossy silver trumpet.  Definite stress reliever from the daily hassles of work.

I bet you’re thinking what does that have to do with ‘beautiful days’?  It has a lot to do with it.  See, you decide the outcome of the day.  Only you and no one else.

Thinking about bands take me to my happy place.  And it’s quite awesome there.  It would be even better if I just say forget this day job crap and just play music full time.

With that, I think about the expenses I have and why I can’t afford to do it right now.  Maybe one day.  But this month my dog had to visit the vet for an expensive operation.  There goes my freedom money…

All in all, it’s still a good, beautiful day!  Me and the other band members are hoping to go full time within the next six months some time.  That’s very exciting and scary at the same time.  We play good enough.  We just have to be cautious about costs.  Can you say ‘budget’?

Budgets aren’t bad.  In fact, everyone should live by one.  Doing that will keep expenses afloat and hopefully we can eliminate some unnecessary expenses and liabilities.  Maybe I’ll have enough money saved up to rent a limo.  Why do I need to rent limousines?  To have fun!  I would like to pull up at a movie theater like I’m freakin’ Brad Pitt.  No doubt.  Beautiful times.

Thanks for listening to me talk about the beauties of the days.  Stay tuned for more adventures of the cruisin’ trumpeteer.

The Itch You Can’t Scratch

Catchy headline, huh?  I bet you’re thinking what could he possibly be talking about?  Simple:  an itch that cannot be scratched.  Now whatever it is, I’ll leave it up to you.

I just bought a brand spankin’ new shiny silver trumpet.  For the longest time, I didn’t know those came in the silver color.  Always thought the gold trumpets were IT.  Luckily, that’s not the case.

Too bad I suck at playing it.  But I have to start somewhere, right?  My reasoning for even purchasing a trumpet is so I can serenade the ladies with my classic tunes.  And eventually be asked to join a small band for gigs around town.  You know.  I’m a band nerd.  Kind of.  Sort of.

I want to stop someone in their tracks.  Even as they’re climbing out of a stretch SUV.  Yeah!  Who doesn’t want to be greeted by a brass player while getting out of a limo?  I bet any amount of money the ladies would go CRAZY if I did it.

Stretch limousine interior

That’s not important though.  I just want to scratch the itch.  It’s killing me.  But you know what I want to kill right now?  A hamburger!  A nice THICK juicy burger from someone’s home BBQ pit!  How does that sound?  Yep, I bet you’re thinking what does THAT have to do with playing  a trumpet?!

It’s simple.  If I eat a good meal, I’ll become a better jazz player.  There.  That itch has been scratched now!

A good time limit to give myself to learn how to play this jazzy instrument is about 90 days.  In 90 days I will have learned how to play the scales including the chromatic scale.  That’s important.  Bands are in my future.  Can you see it too?

These posts will also contain updates on my new, exciting adventure.  Case of the trumpeteer. :)

Keep on a look out!